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This step-by-step guide will help you achieve this goal. In fact, from whom you raise capital is often more important than the terms. Benefits and advantages vary with the type of investor. When selecting your investor, you select not just a money source, but a strategic partner. As venture capitalists advise: " Pick your investor carefully, you can divorce your partner but not your investor".

The view beyond venture capital

Criteria for Selection of Prospective Investors. Introduction to venture capitalists through referral sources they respect improve the odds of securing financing. For instance some business incubators and entrepreneurship development institutions have an arrangement with business consultancies according to which the latter charges the start-up entrepreneur only a fraction of their fee at the initial stage provided the enterprise ties up with them for its all future consultancy needs up to a certain milestone, e.

Another option would be exchanging consultancy service fees for an equity stake in the company.

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This option would also be beneficial for the company management, as in order to maximize their profits the consultancy would provide continuous business coaching service to the company they are invested in. Cold calling on venture capitalists. If you cannot, you will lose your prospective customer's attention, and the business". Do your home work and be ready to make an impressive introduction of your venture within a minute.

Investors are usually short on time.

What are Venture Capital firms (VCs)?

Take it as a challenge and try to impress your future financial partners with your professional approach. The introduction will either make or break your opportunity with them. Don't try to explain them your technology idea during this minute. Your business plan and executive summary are often not of the first importance at this very first stage either.

Why would they spontaneously get interested in your stuff? Your first task is to compel your potential investors to find out more and fix the meeting for your venture presentation. To achieve this, you need two documents:. Milestone chart Cash flow forecast Prepare Your Venture Presentation Before you speak to a venture capital investor you should prepare a brief, well-thought-out, oral presentation.

You should include the relevant information on:. The company's business The company's success ingredient The company's growth prospects The way in which you plan to achieve the company's objectives Your key managers and their backgrounds The amount of financing you require, and the way in which you will use it. If the venture capital investor is interested as a result of your approach to him, he will probably ask to see a business plan.

Discover more! Guidelines for Presenting High -growth Companies to Investors. Language of the Venture Capital.

The view beyond venture capital | Bioentrepreneur

Business plans are an important test of clarity of thinking and clarity of the the business. For entrepreneurs, angels have become a primary source of funding, and for many startups, a vital part of their existence. How do angels and groups work? How is this type of fundraising different?

How can founders connect with this money? As described in my book, The Art of Startup Fundraising , high net worth individuals make up the bulk of the ranks of start-up investors. The term angel investor actually was born out of investors that financed the broadway shows back in the day.

A Guide To Venture Capital Financings For Startups

And not all accredited investors are angels. Together, these individuals both have the finances and desire to provide funding and for many reasons, they are among the most appealing sources of funding for start-up founders. Angel investors are individuals who invest in start-up businesses; normally in the early stages.

This tends to be on Seed rounds of financing and also Series A rounds. Angel investors also invest via family offices if they are ultra high net worth individuals. But they are a very significant force in the investment world and capital markets. Angel investors fill the gap between friends and family, and more formal venture capital funds. Some invest purely for profit. Others look to make an impact with their funds by investing in causes and industries they are really passionate about. This can range from sustainable farming to education and healthcare start-ups.

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Since angel investors are very often individuals that have held executive positions at large corporations, they can often provide fantastic advice and introductions to the entrepreneur, in addition to the funds. A Harvard report provided information on how angel funded start-ups had a higher chance of survival. What angel investors look for is a great team with a good market that could potentially return 10 times their initial investment in a period of 5 years. The exits, or liquidity events, are for the most part via an initial public offering or an acquisition.

According to the Halo Report , angel investors particularly like start-ups operating in the following industries: internet Data collected by the Kauffman Foundation shows that the best estimate for angel investor returns is 2. On the contrary, venture capital firms only invest in 1, new companies per year. The dominating geographic area, in terms of number of angel investments, is Silicon Valley, however, Silicon Alley New York City is catching up quickly.

For a winning deck, take a look at the pitch deck template created by Silicon Valley legend, Peter Thiel see it here that I recently covered. Angel investors are increasingly combining to form and join angel groups.

Angel investors vs. venture capitalists

According to historical data and the Angel Capital Association the number of angel groups multiplied by from just 10 in to over in During the last 15 years, angel investors have joined different angel groups in order to get access to quality deals.